Hello, I'm Brian Bui

Web Developer


Responsive Web Design

I strive to bring responsive web design and compatibility across all devices due to the myraid of devices that we use to consume tech. My primary goal is to create intuative web applications that are user focused and responsive.

Skills and Tools

  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS/Express
  • React/Redux
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB/Mongoose
  • RESTful API


An addictingly fun game app, built with ReactJS/Redux, where you choose the different colored circle from the set. See if you can get a high score!

Color Blind

Jujube is a responsive retail e-Commerce applicaiton using React.js, Node/Express, Cloudinary. (not live)


A Pokemon look up app that pulls data from PokeAPI using Vanilla Javascript


About Me

Developer based out of San Jose

I am an autonomous software engineer with a passion for building responsive full-stack applications. Graduated University of Santa Cruz with a Molecular, Cell, Developmental Biology Degree, and worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for a few years.

I started learning programming on the side and found my growing passion for Software Engineering, eventually deciding to pursue it full-time through Hack Reactor and graduating in 2022.

There is nothing more satisfying than imagining an application and building it from the ground up.